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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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Strawberries, Nurseries, Tourist Shops
 This village has a restaurant familiar to Kerry and Edah, 
so we stopped for lunch.
The streets are interesting, winding, busy, 
and filled with touristy shops, eateries, and hotels. 
 Heading toward our food destination! 
Outdoor seating is available.
The tandoori naan oven, 
NOT a drum, Bill! 
 The various sauces and 
curries on the buffet.
Meats, breads, rice selections. 
There is not a set price. 
The price depends on what you put on your plate. 
Still, it was cheap, about $20.00 CAD for the 4 of us. 
Yes ... tea :-) 
 We stopped at a plantation 
on the downward side of the mountain. 
Here, visitors are allowed 
to walk amongst the plants.
Wonder if Bill could 
get a job here, picking? 
Tea or the guitar and 
serenading the tea drinkers ;-) 
 A sudden thunder storm was brewing, 
and the clouds swept in very quickly, 
covering everything with a mist.
Strawberries were sold all along the road. 
We were looking for freshly picked strawberries
by the kilo to make jam for Edah's sister. 
It's her favourite with toast. 
 Self plucking...hmmm...
Looked and sounded frightening 
in the gathering storm!
Yes! This is a big one!
Unfortunately, not self-plucking 
or edible ;-) 
 All the plants are grown in bags and 
fed with a water tube directly onto the soil. 
Where we stopped to buy the berries, 
a young woman picked 3 kilos in about 15 minutes! 
Looked much easier than crawling on the ground 
as we do in Manitoba farms.
In these strawberry farms, 
they also sell plants of all sorts. 
These water plants look interesting 
but would be difficult to smuggle home 
in our backpacks:-) 
But I can steal the idea! 
 Garden decorations are also available. 
No, Bill. 
We don't need a pond with lizards!
I thought these were mini-oranges, but no.
They are called Miracle Fruit" because
once you taste one, if you eat something sour
like a grapefruit or lemon,
immediately after it tastes sweet.
 Cacho de Venado
Can't remember the name of this bushy plant.
I remember planting them years ago 
and they turn red in the fall. 
 Anyone into cactus?
I couldn't get a name on this fruit. 
Apparently it's like a jelly and 
you mix the insides with tea. 
The vendor gave us a sample 
but we weren't too excited. 
 These Cameron apples looked so interesting.
I bought some 
as they are supposed to taste like honeydew. 
When we did try them,
they had a hint of melon but otherwise bland :-(
This was eye-catching...
South American Pitcher plant... 
 Deserving a closer look...
Upon closer look...
This plant traps prey in a liquid-filled cavity. 
It's a carnivorous plant
much like the Venus Fly Trap. 


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