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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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Thailand: Border Town
April 24
 Approaching the Thai border. 
One thing we noticed here, 
all along the highway median,
shrubs are planted and maintained.
Some are bougainvillea, oleander, roses, etc.
Hello Thailand! 
There are armed soldiers
along the road as we approached,
but they seem to be just for show 
although the police were there to check 
for seat belts and road tax documents. 
 We parked just outside the customs offices, 
on the Malaysian side, 
then walked across with our passports. 
Here, we had our forefingers "photographed" 
and our passports stamped.
 The walkway across the border.
 Kerry and Edah's home is 
about an hour from the Thai border. 
Because of time constraints, 
we just went to the border town for a few hours. 
The main street in the border town. 
 The most common form of transportation...
The scribe: need a letter written? 
Documents filled out? he can help. 
 An electrician's nightmare! 
 Talk about recycling! 
 Yes, Ronald McD is everywhere. 
This one is right beside a Hindu altar
on which there are colourful ribbons and food offerings
No... Big Macs weren't offered. LOL!
The altar at McDonalds. 
While I posed, 
two young ladies were dressing it up 
with tulle, fresh fruit, and flower offerings. 
 Have food will travel! 
Other motor bikes have side cars equipped 
or deliveries of anything you'd need. 
Car pooling to work ;-)
 Hmmm...Is it the hat that everyone kept looking at? 
Or the fact that Bill is a white guy? 
Both he and Kerry attracted a lot of attention 
everywhere they went.
Pay Toilets! 
 Edah looking cool :-)
An alligator pelt, not sure why... 

 Kerry and Edah, resting by a stall selling 
all sorts of packaged deep-fried seafood snacks: 
baby crabs, squid, anchovies, shrimp...
It was close to lunch time and 
there are many stalls selling 
fried chicken parts and other birds. 
These may be quails? 
They didn't look appetizing to the tourists 
but are probably crispy and tasty to the locals. 
 The infamous durian! 
We didn't buy one to take home. 
We saw signs all over Malaysia, 
in hotel elevators, taxis, trains
that forbid guests bringing in durian.
It's the smell that turns people off, 
but once you get past that, it's like eating custard.
Don't think Kerry would appreciate it in his car. LOL!
The rice store...
all rice and only rice!
 Incredible mangoes! 
The green ones with a tinge of yellow 
were the best - sweet, meaty, and juicy.
 I recognized most fruit 
but not this one in front. 
They were prickly too.
 Fresh fruit is everywhere! 
 One of the many T-shirts 
to tempt the tourists.
 Song birds for sale. 
Edah and Kerry have many song birds, 
fowl of all sorts, in their yard. 
The song birds are great to wake up to, 
but the roosters can definitely go to the stock pot!
 Didn't take Edah and me long to find the market!
 It was hot and I needed a hat:-)
 The original WHAT!??? LOL!
 Flower vendor


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