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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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On the Road to Alor Satar
April 24
 Heading back to Malaysia - in the northern state of Kedah. 
This state is known as the "rice bowl" of Malaysia. 
Another major crop is palm oil and rubber plantations. 
Malaysia is one of Canada's 
major importers of potash for their crops!
 One of the toll booths along major highways.
 A Chinese cemetery: 
With each visit, the family piles on more dirt 
behind the headstone to form a mound. 
Apparently, the higher the mound, 
the closer to heaven for the deceased.
These trees surprised me as 
this is a rubber tree plantation.
It's hard to see, but there are little black buckets
attached to each tree to collect the rubber. 
These are totally different than 
my perception of rubber trees! 
Rice Fields: flooded but not yet planted. 
The "plows" will work the soil up, 
then a worker will walk along in the field 
with a special hose with attached blower 
to broadcast the seeds. 
 Thought this was kind of pretty - 
a lacy tree shadow on the rice paddy.
Along the road to Thailand: 
Rice paddie "harrows": 
These machines work up the soil 
before planting. 
There are paddles on the wheels 
that keep the unit afloat
- a bit easier and faster than 
the traditional one water buffalo unit.
 Just like on the prairies, birds 
(egrets here, seagulls in Manitoba) 
will follow behind the plows to catch the worms.
 A worker shoring up the dike. 
Plow at work
 One of the newer machines
with tracks on the wheels 
to prevent getting stuck in the wet fields.
 A rice processing plant
 Ohhhh, Blue party domination
along this stretch of the road. 
Uh oh...the Green party 
has a strong presence here :-)
A Green party jet. 
Love their sense of play with the party flags. 
I believe this is a military base. 
 Getting hungry; 
better find a food court!
Sue-On in food heaven ;-) This is a nasi kandar, 
usually staffed by workers from Indonesia, China, or India.
It stays open 24 hours and serves Indian food. 
The naan bread and the freshly squeezed fruit juices 
(mango, watermelon, apple, sugar cane) are a must!


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