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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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Alor Satar
Random Snapshots
 Going into Alor Satar, the city where our friend 
Edah Morris was born and lived until she was 20.
What is it about towers 
that always draws our attention?
Must be the John Carter 
and Barsoom Effect ;-) 
 The city's clock tower too!
One of the two famous mosques in the city. 
These look more elgant than some of 
the others in villages and cities, 
which are often painted 
neon pink, orange, or lime green;-)
 The second famous mosque with the bronze top.
The Hillmans - looking cool 
in spite of the +30 temps. 
Heard it was still snowing and 
minus temps back home in Manitoba!
This is one of the few mosques we saw 
that wasn't orange, yellow, chartruse, pink or purple! 
It's quite beautiful with the bronze dome. 
 Bill, Edah, and Kerry Morris
 There was also a museum of some kind 
and a school close by ths bronze mosque.
Bill and the school kids 
who may have been on a tour to the museum. 
 The stadium...huge!
Rest area - perfect bit of shade on a long walk 
 Edah remembers this as the doctor's house.
It was sad to see it abandoned.
As with all tropical countries, it doesn't take long
for vegetation to reclaim the space. 
 This was Edah's childhood family home. 
It also is now abandoned but kept in fairly good shape. 
Her aunt lives in a house next door.
Auntie's house 
 One of the new homes built in the neighborhood.
An official state building. 
 A new Hindu temple being built.
The fire hall. 
 More Barsoomian towers!
Blue Party Election Flags.
Election campaign limited to two weeks.


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