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A Muslim Experience
April 29
 I had a wonderful new experience of 
attending Edah's nephew's betrothal ceremony on Sunday. 
This is the lane down to the bride's village. 
We were met half way up by the groom's family.
On the way, 
we spotted this incredible ant! 
Blue party election campaign :-)
 Farther along the path to the bride's kampong
 Little village girls, so curious :-)
 We are removing our shoes 
and entering the bride's home. 
The day was also 
the future bridegroom's birthday! 
 Four of the siblings in Edah's family: 
Elder sister Kakpap who fed us so well, 
brother Edan - family patriarch, 
younger sister Zah who helped kakpah feed us.
It was her son who was getting betrothed.
Kakpah - meaning older sister
is a real sweetheart and 
a terrific cook! 
 Zah, Edah's sister 
is the groom's mother, 
sitting with the bride's mother.
The bride enters and has 
greeted all the womenfolk. 
Here she sits in front of her future mother-in-law. 
Zah is placing the rings on her fingers, 
as part of the dowry. 
 After the presentations and clarification 
of the rest of the dowry, 
one of the uncles led a prayer 
before the food was placed in front of the guests.
We ladies sat towards the back of the room. 
The fans helped to keep us cool, 
and there were `teapots`of water 
to wash our hands before and after eating. 
 There were many plates of food 
distributed all along in front of the guests, 
so no one had to reach far. 
One of the local ladies asked if I would like a spoon
...Hrumph! No... 
I will eat with my fingers like the rest ;-)
This is definitely a neighborhood affair 
as I am sure some of these were local ladies 
who were helping out. 
They do like having their pictures taken :-) 
 Afterwards, the helpers got to eat.
More of the bride`s friends 
came to wish the couple well. 
The wedding will take place later, 
and I wish we were around 
long enough to witness the event! 
What an experience this ceremony was! 
 This elaborate tiffin was used to send food home 
with the groom's family after the celebration.


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