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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Exploring Rainforests and Settlements
 Home Base
Another view of the residence of our hosts:
Kerry and Edah Morris.
The aviary is at the back of the house.
Edah's brother has quite a collection of birds 
and this is the Bird Man 
who takes care of them everyday. 
   Edan leads an intense life as a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur, 
so when he can, he "comes home" to kampong to relax.
 The not-so-exotic birds are kept
in the poultry cage at the other side of the yard.
Numerous other birds roam freely on the grounds.
Edan keeps them to entertain the little children in the family.
The peacock and exotic song birds are for his pleasure.
This Cock of Yan should be 
in the stock pot! 
Looks like he was giving 
Bill the evil eye. LOL! 
 The bikes are abandoned for the time being ;-) 
This is a private drive around the house, 
so kids have great freedom when they come for a visit.
There are many paths throughout the village, 
and they are all paved. 
Take a walk and one never knows where it will end! 
 Maybe a rest here in the jungle resort ;-)
 Fresh goat curry close at hand.
 Another example of local kampong house.
 Who needs the Maytag man!?
 The new well at a home belonging to another of Edah's brothers.
A 2-story home 
 It was getting close to rainy season, 
and on many mornings, 
the mountain is half hidden behind clouds.
 Coconuts that are left on the ground 
usually start to grow new trees 
if not gathered.
 Yes...VERY tall trees from litle coconuts grow.
Look up...look wayyyy up!
A house under construction. 
 Prickly fence...
 Election headquarters?
 A Muslim cemetery in the forest. 
The headstones are very small. 
The more established ones often have flowering shrubs 
planted at both the head and foot of the plot. 
When there is an election, 
no place escapes being flagged.
Muslim grave
 Muslim headstone
 Scooters are used by everyone. 
Sometimes, a whole family of five 
can be seen riding out for evening snacks.
 One of Bill's many fan clubs 
gathered from his hikes around the kampong.
 Non-partisan foreigner ;-)
Lost in the Rainforest.


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