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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
(expanded from our FaceBook pages)

 Bill amidst the Green party supporters 
who were the first to march onto the site. 
He and Kerry Morris are the 
only two Caucasians for miles around.
Luckily, they both remembered to wear white, 
and after much negoitating with the police chief, 
they were allowed into the neutral zone 
reserved for the paparazzi and 
surrounded by an army of police and a SWAT team. 
As they were outsiders, 
both were constantly photographed and interviewed
for the press, TV and the Web.
The delegates from the Green party 
going in to sign nomination papers. 
The election is on May 6th, after we leave the country. 
Malaysian elections take only TWO weeks. 
The day after, all the millions of flags are removed. 
We found out from Edah's brother that 
all the flags are "Made in China"! 
So, this label is found everywhere!.
 Bill and Kerry in No-Man's Land! 
The Blue party - the ruling party arrives on the scene.
The supporters for each party shout slogans, 
yell taunts at the opposition. 
Most of the time, it is done for effect, 
but once in a while, 
there are hot heads who break through the lines, 
and the local police and special riot squad 
move in to keep control 
and to separate the thousands on each side.
The Blue party supporters 
wearing blue shirts and hats
and vigorously waving their
flags and banners.

Party songs and shouts are deafening at times.
The event was quite exciting for Bill and Kerry
who were in the rather precarious area
between the very enthusiastic parties.

 Sue-On and Edah arrived later and joined Edah's Blue party. 
She got us a T-shirt for a souvenir. 
As we naively entered into "no man's land" to join Bill and Kerry, 
they quickly shooed us back as we were "wearing blue"! 
Didn't want us to cause any riots. LOL!

NOTE: We took many more photos of this event.
A page documenting our rally experiences is in preparation.

 In the evening, Kerry took us for
a drive to a nearby waterfall.
The steps had handrails that looked like tree trunks
but were made of steel with 
a covering that made them look natural.
There is a lovely pool at the bottom. 
 Bill and I enjoyed
the coolness at the bottom.
The sound was beautiful...
and the falls make for a great photo op.
 Quite a serene place to relax and. . .
. . . to absorb some energy 
before the climb back up! 


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