Hillman Musical Odyssey ROCK ROOTS
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With Cousin Gene Smith 1953 ~ Photo Booth ~ Loving You promo shot  ~ With a pet Wallaby

Charro  ~  Army Years  ~  Wax Museum: Elvis in Wax

With Ann-Margret  ~  Playing the hits of the day  ~  Elvis through the Years

Admiring Mermaids   ~  Opening the gates to Graceland  ~  On guard with a blunderbuss

Young Elvis and his bike ~ Meeting fans at the Graceland front gate  ~  His Master's Voice

Costume Time  ~ Shaggy Pal

With St. Nick  ~  Clowning on the Loving You set  ~ Hunting Party

Not his typical stage costume  ~  Hanging out with the boys  ~  Yikes!  ~ Dressing for the first Vegas gig in April 1956

Army experiences: Military Haircut ~ Physical Check ~ A 4-hoofed friend in Germany

More Army Days

Bonnie and Clyde  ~  Sparring with Mohammed Ali

Young Kurt Russell placing a kick to the shins ~ Instrument swap with Liberace  ~ Laughs with Lou Costello and Jane Russell

Aiport Departure ~ Halloween Treats ~ Elvis and Priscilla Admiring their Wedding Cake

Caricature ~ Carmen Miranda would be proud ~ Elvis had a habit of turning heads

Not his favourite wedding photo  ~  Hang on Barbara  ~  Adios Sideburns

Burst the Jackolantern

Seeking adventure

Playtime on the film set and with Lisa Marie at Graceland

Honourary Chief  ~  If only . . .  ~  Dreamtime

Bill Hillman visits Elvis at Graceland (Memphis) and Home of the Louisiana Hayride (Shreveport)

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