A Lifetime of Pictures
Part V: Army Life
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Inductee Elvis
March 24, 1958: Presley stands with a group of young men at an induction center in Memphis,
raising their right hands as they are sworn into the United States Army. He is Private #53310761.
Elvis in School
Presley in a classroom while in the Army.
Take It All Off
Elvis gets a haircut from a U.S. Army barber at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.
Private Presley
Elvis stands in line with other enlisted men and officers on a military base in Germany. He served with the 3rd Armored Division until March 2, 1960.
Mail Call!
Elvis gets his first bundle of mail at the Friedberg U.S. Army base in Germany. He was renowned as a generous soldier, buying extra fatigues for everyone in his unit and donating his pay to charity.
Resting on an Army Cot


Elvis, Ma And Pa
Presley stands with his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, while at home from Germany. Elvis had been granted emergency leave to see his mother, who was ailing from hepatitis; she died two days after his arrival, on Aug. 14, 1958.
Entertaining His Fellow Troops
Elvis sports an Army winter cap and battle fatiques while playing guitar in his barracks. Presley was renowned as a generous soldier, buying extra fatigues for everyone in his unit and donating his pay to charity.
Elvis Meets the Press
March 1960: Elvis speaks to reporters in Bad Nauheim, Germany, announcing his honorable discharge from the military and his impending return to the United States and his life as a superstar.
Sgt. Presley Heads Home
March 2, 1960: U.S. Army Sergeant Presley waves from the hatch of an airplane as he prepares to depart for America, after finishing his 18-month stint in Germany. 
Elvis' Girlfriend Priscilla Says Goodbye
Outside an airport terminal building, 15-year-old military brat Priscilla Beaulieu, whom Elvis met at a party while stationed in Germany, waves goodbye to her and future husband as he prepares to return to the United States. 
Back Home
Back on American soil, vet Presley holds his first post-military recording sessions less than a month later, and comes out with the hits "It's Now or Never" and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" He also makes the movie GI Blues, in which he plays a soldier. Pictured: Presley on that film's set with some infant costars.

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