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Gallery 5: PHNOM PENH V
Riverside: Parks Along Tonle Sap River
A major attraction for tourists and locals is the park-lined riverbank area along the Tonle Sap River

The ride along the congested riverside was somewhat chaotic. Families were all out along the river, playing games, eating, playing with the kids, eating bugs and other delicacies from the street vendors. We loved seeing all the activity on the river bank park. People were happy and obviously enjoying themselves -- there were even exercise and Taichi groups going through their routines.  The locals were also interested in seeing us on our cyclos as they were snapping pictures like crazy.

It had been a long day of travel and sightseeing and we were looking forward to the evening meal at a riverside restaurant. Our Cyclo drivers dropped us off for a short stroll on the riverside walkway.  Two items from the sidewalk vendors were especially inviting to Sue-On: fresh lotus nuts still in their pods, and tiny snails steaming over a banana leaf. However, Beam said NO . . .  bad for the tummy!

Beam led us to Veiyo Tonle Restaurant that supported orphaned children in the city ("We Feed You. You Feed Them" . . . "It Tastes Better Than It Looks"). We tried a couple Khmer specialties: Beef Loc Lac and Chicken in Tamarind. They both tasted great other than the quality of the beef. But then, we are SO spoiled being from the prairies of Canada. They were being creative with our plates of rice: all shaped with something like a cookie cutter: star, arrow head, rabbit, etc. We also had grilled fish coated with salt and stuffed with lemongrass, lime leaves, etc. Our total bill came to US$14.00.

The last treat of the day was ICE CREAM! There was a shop close by that Beam recommended, and yup . . . many delicious flavours -- especially the durian and coconut. Bed time was fairly early as we had a full day planned for tomorrow: a trip to the Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum. I promised to be an emotional experience. 

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Riverside Park and Dining

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