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Cambodia Gallery 10a: Cambodia Dining III
Phnom Penh and the Prey Pros Highway Rest Area
1. We enjoyed a variety of eating places in Phnom Penh. Our Angkor International Hotel featured good breakfasts and we also ate a few light meals in their sidewalk patio restaurant. In this photo, Tony our musician friend from England, joined us while his wife, Lola, tried out the local hair dressing shop. 

2. For our final night in the city, Beam led us to FRIENDS: A Training Restaurant for Marginalized Youth

3. The concept of Cambodia's first Rest Area was sparked in 2004 when the founder built a rest-stop along Prey Pros River for his wife when traveling to and from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Soon, many travellers started to stop by and asked to use the restroom. Hence, Prey Pros Rest Area was established. The idea to add a restaurant that offered hearty Khmer food made from fresh and locally farmed produce, a one-stop convenience shop, clean restrooms and eco-friendly guesthouses by the water also came to fruition. Due to customer demand, the convenience shop that started off with just one ice chest full of canned beverages expanded to include a fresh fruit stand, snacks, hand-made wood sculptures, fashion accessories and locally made souvenirs. With mostly word-of mouth and little conventional marketing, Prey Pros Rest Area began its organic growth to today. 

Based on the same concept, Batheay Rest Area was built in 2009 in a fertile patch of land along the National Road 6 between the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers. Being just 50 km north of Phnom Penh, this area is renowned for its tasty knifefish and exotic deep-fried tarantulas and crickets. Like Prey Pros Rest Area, Batheay Rest Area also has a restaurant that offers Khmer Cuisine in a pastoral setting, convenience shop, clean restrooms, and charming guesthouses on the river. All the developments here were achieved with minimal impact to the natural environment. 

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Hotel Sidewalk Restaurant in Phnom Penh
Bill and Sue-OnSue-On and TonySue-On taking photos of the food

Phnom Penh
Friends Training RestaurantBeam Narawadee enjoying the food

Prey Pros Rest Area
This was a very welcomed half-way stop during the rough and bumpy ride on
National Road 6 between Phnom Penh to Siem Reap
Rest Area Restaurant

Traditional Kmer Cuisine

Fried Noodles and Egg ~ Chicken in Lotus Leaf



Cambodia Dining

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