McCreary Homecoming Social ~ July 31, 2010
The Crowd Files In
See the crowd shots at:
from the Hillman Website
The Band:
Bill and Sue-On Hillman with Robin Hillman (bass) | Dave Laco (drums) | Kenny Jarvin (synths and sound)
Photos by Sue-On

McCreary Homecoming 2010
July 30, July 31 & August 1, 2010

The Ski and Maple Syrup Capital of Manitoba

You are cordially invited to McCreary Homecoming 2010.
We need you to spread the word to friends, relatives and countrymen.
Please contact the planning committee if you plan to come.
Send us information on family reunions, class reunions or events you want to plan/participate in.
We need any addresses you can provide so we can invite everyone.
Send us an email & we will provide updates as plans for the celebration develop.

McCreary Homecoming 2010 Committee Updates

Hillman stage photos and dance set lists from last week's 
Newdale Homecoming dance are featured at:

Joining us will be our son Robin on bass, 
Kenny Jarvin on synthesizers and Dave Laco on drums

Hope some of you can join us for our special show on 
August 7 in Winnipeg at the Manitoba Museum's Shakin' All Over Exhibit:

We're really looking foward to seeing friends old and new at the McCreary Homecoming.
McCreary has always been a special place for us since 
we have been playing shows and dances there since the early 1960s : )

July 24
Attached is the schedule of events for the Home Coming Schedule.

Registration opens at noon Friday and will be open Saturday until noon at the Community Centre. 
Pick up your registration package for the weekend. Look at the Auction items and buy a souvenir mug, ball cap or t-shirt. 

Registration includes the three meals, Friday Social, guided hike, discount for the Saturday Social and your support has made this function possible.

If you are not registered and want to attend the socials please purchase tickets at the arena.

Thanks for the support. This couldn't happen without you.

Velma, Louise, Pam, Gwen, Donna

July 23
Good News for Homecoming
 The Manitoba Liquor Commission has agreed to increase our allowed capacity at the McCreary Arena. 

Tickets will be on sale at the door for $10 for those not registered for homecoming. Everyone Welcome.

If you are registered the social tickets will be in your package for the Friday Social and the Hillman Social on Saturday if you ordered them.

Please spread the word. See you soon...

July 22
More camping spots will be available at the Rose Farm south of town
- contact Merlin (Butch) Scott at 204 835-2087

There are also sites outside of McCreary at Laurier, Ste Rose, Kelwood, Alonsa, RMNP
(book online at

We encourage people to register before this weekend because we are running on a limited number of social tickets and we need to know meal numbers. 

There will be sign-up sheets at registration for some events like the Trivia Game, Hiking, Biking and Baseball

Reminder for anyone who likes to sing the Glee Club is practicing at the United Church on Friday at 1:30 and Saturday at 11:00 and performing at the Jamboree.

We are still looking for a volunteer to help with the biking on Sunday at 2:30. 

July 17
The Gorge Creek hike with the RMNP interpreter is Sunday August 1st  - meet at 8:30 at the arena to bus/carpool up to the trailhead. We will be back for the parade. 

The bike ride on Sunday August 1st meets at 2:30 at the arena. We will ride this lovely road to the Agassiz gate about 8 miles (12.8 kl) each way. There are several good points to turn around on this road if you don't want to go all the way up the mountain such as the golf course, the Park entrance, and Oak Ridge Trailhead. 
The ski area has a Superintendent's Closure on it right now due to safety concerns and vandalism of the site. We are not encouraging people to go into the site unless you know the area well. The grass is long and there are many holes, wire and pipe laying around the hill and the buildings are quite derelict. 

The McCreary Trivia Game is Saturday at 9:30 am at the Community Centre. This is going to be a fun and entertaining game where we ask questions about McCreary. We have made up questions in categories like History, Geography, Famous McCrearyites, Current Happenings, Pioneers, Recreation etc...there are true & false, multiple guess and some photo identification to test your knowledge. We have distinguished judges in case answers are close, made up or family fueds begin to surface. The judges decisions are final. Enter a team of 4-8 people - "more brains are better than one" Get you team together and come on down. 

There will be sign up sheets at the Registration Desk when you arrive for these activities. Please sign up so we have an idea about how many are interested in these activities. 

July 16
Thanks to those who have sent in registrations. Deadline of July 19th is approaching fast so get them in if not sent already.

During Homecoming we are planning several activities that many of you ticked off on your registration forms. The hike we have planned with support from Riding Mountain National Park is described below. This is included in your registration fee. There will be sign up sheets at registration or email back to secure a place on this hike.

Join a Riding Mountain National Park Interpreter for this 
gorgeous walk (down) on the Manitoba escarpment.

 "From Boreal Highlands to Manitoba Lowlands, the Gorge Creek is an experience not soon forgotten.   As we explore the transition from white spruce forest to hardwood-lined streams, your guide will explain the geological history of this area. Inland seas and ammonites, glaciers and great lakes - all played a part in the formation of these breathtaking vistas at the edge of the Manitoba Escarpment!"

Trail Length: 5 km (we will hike one-way & downhil) Volunteers will shuttle people to  the trailhead or we hope to have a bus.
Duration: 2 hours hiking (not including driving time to the trailhead of 20mins there/ 20mins back to McCreary)
Meet at: the McCreary arena.
Not recommended for children under 12 or seniors (there is challenging terrain on this trail)
Please bring drinking water, a snack, sturdy shoes, a hat and/or sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

July 13
This message may be of interest to those who remember
the Hillmans and the Western Union who played at many dances in McCreary. 
They are the band Saturday at McCreary Homecoming 2010.

Sue-On and I are well represented in the new
This exhibit is a multi-media celebration of music in Manitoba through the years. 

I've compiled a Web feature with 12 Web pages on the exhibit starting at:

The Museum has asked us to perform at a special show on the Museum stage on August 7th.

Some of our appearances closer to home this month are
the arena dances at the Homecoming celebrations in:

Newdale ~ July 24, 2010 
McCreary ~ July 31, 2010

Bill Hillman


July 13
Some information you may need when coming to McCreary:

Camping is available in McCreary but on a first come first serve basis only. 
Fletcher Park is the main camping area but we have some other non-serviced options for people at:
           McCreary Golf & Country Club - call Alex at 835-2178 
           McCreary School Parking Lot
           empty lot across from 5 and 50 Service station
           Brad Mowat's lot has space for a few campers

Other amenities that McCreary has to offer include a swimming pool, skateboard park, library, golf course and play area along with 2 restaurants, a grocery store, hardware store, florist, spa, giftstores, a service station, a pub, a lounge and pharmacy. Please look us up on the web at 

We are looking forward to visiting with everyone in 16 days.

July 12
Camping is available at the McCreary Golf & Country Club.
For more information call: Alex Hanson at 204 835-2711

Fletcher Park Campground is first come first served. No reservations allowed.

Overflow non-serviced camping will be available at the school and some empty lots in town if required.

July 4
We have posted the schedule of events for the McCreary Homecoming Weekend. 
See: Home Coming Schedule  (alt)

If you have not sent a registration form in yet please do before July 19th if possible. 
We need to know numbers for the food ordering. 
Forms can be found at

The McCreary & District Library is pleased to announce a reading by Children's Book Author Anna Pinette. Anna is a local writer from Ste Rose du Lac and has published two children's books "Petunia" & "Elmer". 

Anna Pinette lives on a Ste. Rose acreage with her husband. She is a teacher by profession. She has spent most of her career in the Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2 classroom and in Special Education. She has taught in English and Français schools. This Canadian born grandmother loves to write stories for her young granddaughters. They are her inspiration. She also enjoys fishing with her husband, reading, painting and playing scrabble. 

McCreary Library is holding an open house Saturday July 31st from 1230-4:30 pm
Readings by Anna Pinette will take place at 12:45 & 1:15 pm
Please bring your children and join Anna while she reads from her books.
Signed copies of Anna's books will be available for purchase.

Check out her website at

For those of you who enjoy golf this is the information
the McCreary Golf And Country Club has provide  for the Homecoming Weekend:
July 30th, July 31st, August 1st and August 2nd the special Homecoming rates for Golfing are:
              Nine Holes        $14.00
             Eighteen Holes $20.00
 To book a tee time please call the Golf Club at 204 835-2711
 Go to
We are excited about Bill & Sue-On Hillman 
coming back to McCreary to play at the 
Saturday July 31st social at the McCreary Arena. 

The Friday (PJ the DJ) & Saturday (Bill & Sue-On Hillman Band) socials 
at McCreary Homecoming are open to all ages. 

The $40.00 Homecoming fee includes the Friday Social and 
the Saturday Social costs $5.00 if you are registered or $10 for non registered guests.

Tickets can be purchased at the Registration Desk at Homecoming 
- in the McCreary Community Centre
Friday noon until 10 pm ~ Saturday 8 am until 4 pm
Thank you to the skating rink for providing the volunteers for this homecoming event. 

Check out Bill & Sue On Hillman's website by clicking on the address below. 
They have a link to McCreary Homecoming too. Thanks Bill & Sue On.

June 8
McCreary is connected:
If you are afraid to leave home to come to homecoming because you will miss your computer and access to email we want to remind you that the McCreary & District Library has computers for public use. 
Wireless internet is available. Bring your laptop and connect. 
The library will be open Saturday afternoon of Homecoming from 12:30 until 4:30 pm. 

Please pass the message around and get your friends and relatives to come home this summer.
Homecoming events are nothing without participation.
So far the response has been good so keep those registrations coming. 

June 6
Thanks to those new people on the email list who have registered for the McCreary 2010 Homecoming to be held on the August long weekend. Receipts will be in your registration packages. 

We are looking forward to seeing you. We hope to have an official schedule out to you by the end of June. Confirming all the activities and volunteers has been a complicated process as you can imagine. We will continue to send updates and describe the events so you can plan your time here. 

One event planned for the Saturday of the Homecoming is the Teachers Tea at the McCreary School from 1pm until 4pm. 

Some of you may remember going to teas in McCreary in your youth either as a fundraiser for an organization or for someone's bridal shower. Well this is that kind of tea. Teachers Pat Blake (Weins) and Joan Tereck (Boiteau) are organizing the tea. They encourage all former students and teachers to drop in for tea & dainties. This is a good opportunity to tour the present McCreary School, look at the old Yearbooks and re-connect with former students, classmates and teachers. 

Plan to attend the 99th McCreary Fair & Rodeo on Sunday & Monday of the weekend. The McCreary Agriculture Society are working closely with Homecoming to plan events for all interests. 

Thank you.
McCreary Homecoming 2010 Committee
Velma Fletcher, Louise Jackson, Pam Little, Gwen McLean, Donna Filipchuk

Hi Everyone,
If you have registered already thanks. Receipts will be in your registration packages at Homecoming 2010.
Plans are shaping up for a fun weekend with something for everyone. 

One of the activities planned is the McCreary Trivia Game on Saturday July 31st at the Community Centre. 
The McCreary Trivia Game includes eight categories of questions related to McCreary that are being prepared by a keen group of volunteers: 

  • geography & History 
  • famous people 
  • recreation 
  • pioneers 
  • businesses & buildings 
  • former & present schools 
  • organizations 
  • current happenings
The questions and answers will be packed with interesting facts and fun.

The major reference is the McCreary Milestones & Memories History Book although some questions may be based on hear say.

The game is open to teams of 6-8 people. Enter your family, a team of friends or a team of complete strangers (and make new friends). Stacked teams are encouraged. 

We think everyone will be a winner in this game even the audience. 

Pass this message on to anyone you know that may not get an email. See you in July...

Contact Information:

Email: or
PO Box 511
McCreary, MB
R0J 1B0

McCreary Homecoming Planning Committee:
Velma Fletcher (Roy), Louise Jackson, Pam Little, Donna Filipchuk (Gallagher), Gwen McLean (Bennett)

For updates on what is planned watch this Webpage or go to the
Official McCreary Website:

Looking forward to seeing you all at
The McCreary Homecoming Dance
July 31, 2010

Bill & Sue-On and the Hillman Express