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Pukatawagan: The English-Cree Dictionary

The anthology Castel's English Cree Dictionary and Memoirs of the Elders
is enhanced by many photos,
including the following from the past and present.

Of those included in the text,
most are from from the Pukatawagan area
but a few were taken at other Cree and Oji-Cree sites
in the northern boreal forest of Manitoba
and the adjacent part of Saskatchewan.

David Westfall
Assistant Professor
Brandon University ~ Brandon, Manitoba ~ Canada

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Castel's English-Cree Dictionary and Memoirs of the Elders
Based on the Woods Cree of Pukatawagan, Manitoba
Author: Robert J. Castel, teacher and Cree native speaker
Editor: David Westfall, Assistant Professor at Brandon University

Over 400 pages of verbatim transcripts
and translations of interviews with
the following elders provide
a wealth of authentic Rock Cree material:

Charlie Bighetty
Miles Bighetty
Abraham Bird
Adam Castel
Athanase Castel
Domithilde Castel
Sidney Castel
Agnes Colomb
Hyacinth Colomb
John Colomb
Rosie Colomb
Charlie Hart
Dominique Hart
Henrietta Linklater
Keno Linklater
Emile Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair

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