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Cambodia Gallery 9b
On the Road: Phnom Penh to
Siem Reap and Angkor Wat III
Our road trip from Phnom Pehn to Siem Reap was a six-hour ride on a private bus. As on many of our previous trips, our CEO Beam allowed Bill to sit up front beside the driver where he was able to take some great camera shots. 

There was road construction for many miles out of the city and recent rains had flooded the ditches and the flat land under the stilted huts.  Naked children were frolicking in pools of floodwater on the side of the road and numerous vehicles were stuck in mud by the roadside. The Cambodian countryside with its lush tropical vegetation, agriculture fields, and processing units, fish ponds, roadside activity and small villages offered many fascinating sights and both of us took far too many photos -- digital cameras are a bit of a mixed blessing. 

Every curve and every km offered something that we wanted to capture for future memories: Khmer buildings, temples, French Colonial structures, government and health facilities, rustic tin-roofed shacks on stilts, well-to-do tile-roofed concrete houses, abandoned and derelict buildings, vendor stalls, store fronts, facilities inhabited and run by monks, factories, stacks from electric power plants, livestock running free or in corrals or tethered, canals and streams, gasoline stations, the ubiquitous jumbles of overhead power lines, communication towers, rice milling plants, ramshackle huts with satellite dish antennas, eateries, rubbish piles, haystacks, storage yards with bricks, bamboo, logs and lumber, construction projects with bamboo: walls, houses, bridges, etc. with bamboo scaffolding everywhere. 

The road traffic consisted of countless motor bikes, farm tractors pulling makeshift trailers and carts, livestock herders, school kids on bikes, the occasional car or truck, tour buses, wedding processions . . . 

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Rest Area II:

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On the Road Across Cambodia

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