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Views of Old China
3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Six
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Gallery Six
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 Group of a Chinese Lady and Attendants. It will be perceived that the Lady in the centre of the picture is small footed.
The tree that forms the back ground is worth of notice from its immense size - Canton - (Hand-coloured)


How a Bride and Bridegroom are Represented on the Chinese Stage

The Pomp and Pageantry of a Chinese Funeral

A Native Chinese Transport


A Chinese Idol, Peking ::  Lat 40 - Long 116

On the Highway to Manchukun, Keijo (Seoul), Chosen (Korea) - View North to Peiping Pass

A group of Manchu Women with typical Head Dress Of London Mission - Peking

A Mongolian Spring Festival in Mukden, Manchukuo

A Modern Business Block in the Island of Formosa

Holiday at the time of the Dragon Festival, view of the River Min, Foochow, China

English Bridge to Foreign Legations - no Chinamen allowed to cross without permit, Canton

Holiday at the Time of the Dragon Festival. View of the River

Temorary resting place of a deceased Chinaman of High Caste, Canton.

Typical Chinaman with large straw hat and tiny pipe, Bhamo

A Group of Chinese in Peking

Lijiashan Today

Travelling in a "Ricksha"

Superstitious Chinese Children Covering Their Faces to Avoid Being Photographed

Peking 1900

Chinese Muslims - War in Their Mosque


View along the Bund from Municipal Council Building, Hankow, interior China's greatest tea port'


Ancient China In Three Dimension



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