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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Eighty-Eight
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery  Eighty-Eight

The shattered remains of Russian heroes who were killed near 203 Metre Hill ~ Port Arthur

War-dogs of the far East -- Russian fighting ships in the fortified harbor of Port Arthur, Manchuria

Russian Naval Infantry ~ Port Arthur, Manchuria

Russian soldiers guarding their cattle ~ Manchuria

An advance of Russian Troops in the Far East -- marching along the Chinese Imperial Railway.

Russian prisoner after the battle ~ Port Arthur

A Part of the Great Army with Which Russia Hopes to Drive the Japanese from the Asiatic Mainland ~ Port Arthur

Looking south over docks to fortified heights when held by the Russians ~ Port Arthur

Coaling a Steamer at Nagasaki ~ Japan

Wounded soldiers of the Third Imperial Japanese Army -- going to the hospital at Dalny ~ Manchuria

Some of Russia's famous Cossacks in the Far East -- 1904

General View of Chifu from Temple Hill, North China -- Nearest Trading Post to Port Arthur.

Japanese Field Artillery at Siege of Port Arthur -- 1906

Japanese Emergency Field Hospital near Shabo River, Manchuria ~ 1905

Explosion of a Russian earth-mine seen from Ehrlungshan - W. over railway to Antzushan, Port Arthur ~ 1905

Chinese coolies excavating for Russian buildings, beside Trans-Siberian Railway, Dalny, Manchuria.

Looking east over the ruined ciety after evacuation by the Russians -- Dalny, Manchuria.

Intelligence Department, Dalny, Manchuria

Great pyramids of stores convering the ground for a mile or more, Dalny, Manchuria.

The horrors of modern war -- a trench filled with Japanese dead -- in a Russian fort ~ Port Arthur

Hospital Corps Ready to Leave Seoul for Manchuria ~ 1904

Rapid Advance of Skirmishers of the 30th Regiment -- with Kureki's Japanese Army near Liao Yang.~ 1905


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