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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Eighty-Nine
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Eighty-Nine

A Public Well ~ Pekin


A Chinese Boy Catching Grasshoppers ~ Peiping

Wall around Pekin

Wall around Pekin

Busy Markets in Chinese (Southern) Peking -- on Kaiser Street, between South Gate and Chien-men (gate) ~ 1901


One of the typical "freight trains" China -- looking east on Legation Street at Caravan from Tientsin -- Peking ~ 1901

A Mamchu family, members of the tribe to which the reigning dynasty belong, Peking.

Fishermen in the Grand Canal near the East Gate, Peking

Market Scene by the N. W. Gate of the Tartar City, Peking

Men by the beautiful willows bordering Yu-Ho Canal and West Gate, Peking

Chinese Troops saluting the Provincial Treasurer on return from Pekin (boat just coming into view) Soo-chow.

The Old Chinese University Arch, Peking

Burden Bearers ~ Pekin

A marble boat in the lake -- Summer Palace ~ Peking

Gate near the Principal Building of the Summer Palace ~ Peking

The Imperial Summer Palace ~ Peking

Summer Palace of the Emperor from Across the Lake, near Peking.

Near view of the Summer Palace of the Emperor near Peking.

Home of the World's most remarkable ruler
-- entrance of Palace occuped by China's famous Empress Dowager -- Forbidden City, Peking

Typical springless, seatless Chinese Coach -- looking toward Coal Hill, in Imperial City, Peking

Within the Forbidden City, home of the Empress Dowager --
Harmony Gate from elevated walk near Canal, Peking. 1902

The bullet scarred American Legation, from barricaded City Wall --
Forbidden City and Coal Hill in Distance -- Peking ~ 1901

U. S. Infantry Gattling Gun Detachment in Court of the Forbidden City, Peking.

In the Garden of the Dowager Empress, Forbidden City, Peking ~ 1901

Chinese Lantern in the Forbidden City, Peking

Chinese Palace, Forbidden City, Peking

Chinese Imperial Palace Stairway ~ Peking

Home of the World's most remarkable ruler -- entrance of Palace occupied by
China's famous Empress Dowager -- Imperial City, Peking ~ 1901


Ancient China In Three Dimension

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