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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Ninety-Six
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Ninety-Six


Canal Scene -- the Mark of Division between the Native and Foreign Settlements, Canton

Newly Married Couple Dining Together for the First Time ~ Canton


A visit to an Opium Den, Canton

Panorama northwest from the City's northern Wall, Canton

An early morning scene -- playing games-- a characteristic Street -- Canton ~ 1900

Rev. C. F. Preston and Friends on the Parade Ground ~ Canton

Chinese Musicians, Canton

Mandarin Lady ~ Canton

Chinese Musicians Playing at a Wedding Feast, Foochow

Vegetable Garden in a Cemetery of the Ming Dynasty ~ Nanking

Hideous Idols Borne Through the Streets As a Feature of the Funeral Pageant of the Rich Man, Nanking.

Separating the Threads of Cotton, Preparatory to Weaving Nankeen Cloth, Nanking.

Native Sedan Chair and Bridge.

Natives fishing with trained Cormorants in the Grand Canal ~ Soo-Chow

Paddy Fields, Farm Houses and Patches of tea, at Matin, Giangzi Province, among the Mountains of Interior China.

Sentry guarding the entrance to Imperial tomb at Pei-ling, Mukden, Manchuria

Looking S. towards stone pallow arch at entrance to the royal tomb at Pei-ling, Mukden, Manchuria

Ancient Chinese Tomb ~ Dutch Photo 1880

The Sleeping Elephants- Ming Cemetery Statues, Nanking

A Chinese Professor

Picturesque Chinese Junk under Full Sail on the Yellow Sea, Coast of Manchukyo in Distance.

Li Hung Chang, China's Greatest Viceroy and Diplomat

Chinese Beggar, Manchuria

In Manchurian Winter Costume ~ 1905

A Mongolian Spring Festival in Mukden, Manchukuo.

A Tea seller in the streets of Moukden, Manchuria

View along the Bund, from Municipal Council Building -- Hankow, Interior China's greatest Tea Port.

 Min River Houseboat


Ancient China In Three Dimension

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