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Views of Old Japan
3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery One
Ancient Japan in 3D: Gallery Two

Japanese Children Reading a Newspaper

The Great Temple Procession - Nikko

A sudden terrific volcanic explosion -- smoke, steam and stones thrown from the crater of Asama-yama

Recess Time at a Primary School in Tokyo

Schoolhouse and grounds with llittle folks playing -- Yokohama

A Japanese Mother and Her Baby

A superb scene in the beautiful Kinkakujt Gardens - Kyoto

Beautiful stone lanterns at Sundyoald - you give offerings to the Gods of the Sea -- Osaka

The Colossal Daibutsu in Cherry-Blossom Time -- the Great Bronze Buddha of Kamakura

Hooded Habitants of the Komoso Temples Beg for Coins on the Streets of Japan

Japanese Coolie

Youthful Mothers

The Harbor of Yokohama

Where faithful Buddhists lie at rest (N.) cemetery at Kyoto

In the "Land of Flowers" -- a Tea House

Dotombori or Theatre Street -- Osaka

Watching an eruption of boiling mud on volcano of Aso-San

Beloved of Artists and Poets -- Snow-capped Fuji, the Sacred Mountain of Japan

A Typical Mountain Hut in the Heart of Old Japan

Dreamland in Japan

A Japanese Tea House in the Park - Nagasaki

Japanese Lady in a Yama-kai (Mountain Chair)

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