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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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Edah leads the way to the open air market.
Vegetables galore
Bill choosing seafood for lunch.
Performing musician at market.
No snakes showed up, 
but at the next stall was a "snake oil" vendor 
and he was sure giving the sales pitch!
Chicken stall at market
Fowl galore: chop... chop!
The small grocer that Edah frequents for sugar, 
coconut milk, drink mixes, etc. 
They know her well.
More selections of seafood
than I could recognize!
Unusual selection of beans, veg
Knives for my s-i-l Ryan look at only!
Amazing mangoes!
3 kg for 10.00 RM = $3.33
Packets of rice etc. for breakfast clients.
These are packets of nasi lamak - 
coconut milk rice wrapped in banana leaf and newspaper. 
Ours had a spicy sauce and anchovies. 
Very good but so unusual to have these for breakfast!
Crepe maker - 
crepes made and filled with cream corn 
and crushed peanuts!
A holder for crepes done.
Making breakfast drinks: coffee, melo, fresh squeezed juices, tea...
This is pulled tea... fascinating to watch!
It's strong black tea with condensed milk.
It is "pulled" to produce froth.
Delicious pulled tea!
Roti Jalal - late night snack!
 It's a kind of bread. 
You tear off pieces and dip it into the curry sauce 
then stuff into your mouth:-) 
It was fun to watch the young man make these
...and more fun to eat it!
Roti with egg and curry lentil dip.
One of the many delicious lunches Edah`s sister 
has cooked for us since we arrived. 
There was shrimp and chili peppers, a spinach 
and sweet potato dish, curry chicken and potato, 
chicken in chili paste and coconut milk, rice, squid....
A crop sprayer! 
Watched one of these guys in a rice field, 
spraying weeds as he walked along the rice. 
This is for our pal Kevin Pahl, who is an aerial crop duster...
Watch out, Kev! Competition is fierce here :-)
On a drive around the base of a nearby mountain, 
we saw a monkey swinging and climbing on the trees. 
As you can see, Bill had to take a picture ;-)
Bill checking out the local toilets!
In the morning, the front lounge floor 
had a covering of lacy-winged insects. 
The resident rooster had a wonderful breakfast 
along with his chock, until the maid came out 
with the broom and swept them out.
Edah, Kerry and Bill on the wharf at the fishing village. 
All the fish we saw at the market in the morning 
came from these boats.
One of the fishermen's homes.
One of the many boats docked. 
This gentleman told us they go out at night when the tide comes in. 
They go out for 2 days all the way from Yan to Penang 
and return in 2 days with the catch. 
He and his partner were thrown in jail for a week 
because they went out of their "boundary"...
Fishing boats


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