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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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Enroute to Penanag island and Bridgetown with 
experienced driver Kerry Morris and 
his efficient navagator wife Edah! 
It was wonderful for us to sit back and enjoy the views 
while someone else did the driving.
Upon our arrival we landed in Penang, an island. 
Today, we took the same causeway (Penang Bridge) 
back to meet with my egullet foodie pal (since 2004) 
Teck Poh Choo in Georgetown, where she lives! 
This is the longest bridge in SE Asia.
View of Georgetown skyline
We arrived earlier than the appointed meeting time, 
so Kerry and Edah drove us around the city. 
This was along the waterfront - The Strait of Malacca. 
Here, Bill is standing infront of Cornwallis Fort 
and the naval base is located here as well.
Cannons mounted on the seaward side
A Tarzan tree in Penang, Malaysia! 
The vegetation is very lush, 
and some of the giant trees are 
certainly Tarzan-worthy! 
I am in appropriate tropical clothing, 
from Cinnamon Tree in Brandon!
Bill at the gate: Is he in or is he out...
This really shows either how short I am 
or how tall the tree is...I prefer the latter ;-)
A nice breeze off the water...
Love this weather, 
and we seem to have acclimatized fairly quickly.
So many amazing styles of tall apartment buildings 
standing guard over old buildings 
from the colonial period.
Hindu temple - scooters and motorbikes 
vie for road space with hundeds of cars. 
We havenèt seen any accidents, 
but it must happen often as these people are 
fearless when they want to cut in!
Street food carts
An unusual sculpture - 
looks like it was created from an old fallen tree trunk.
The International Hotel 
was the appointed meeting place with Teck Poh. 
She recommended an eatery on that corner. 
Unfortunately, they are closed on Wednesdays.
As we were early, we went to the bakery next door. 
Enjoyed a hot drink 
- can you imagine - a hot drink in +30 temps!
Our first experience with THE TOILET...
Requires balance, dexterity, and your own toilet paper
if you do not use THE HOSE. LOL!
 Bill was saying that these were also in the KL airport,
but there were also the regular sit down toilets in the handicap stall.
The ladies had both kinds. 
At Central Square Mall, 
they also had prayer rooms next to the toilets!
Teck Poh Choo (TP): 
My foodie sister from Egullet forum - 
finally meeting on her home turf after 8 years or so!
Edah, Sue-On and TP 
at the Komtar Shopping centre 
Interior of Komtar Shopping centre.
As the restaurant TP suggested was closed on Wed, 
Edah asked an outside vendor for a recommendation. 
This one served Chinese, Thai and Malaysian.
Foodies all!
Bill got to eat too: nasi goreng, tom yam, mee goreng, etc.
This shop brought some hilarity to the group.
Check out the slogan behind Bill inside the store. LOL!
View of old part of Georgetown 
from inside the shopping centre.
Teck Poh Choo guides the group to her favourite clothing shop: 
Sam`s Batik House!
Yes, the girls are happy!
Edah and Sue-On paying...Bill got great deals: 
4 white cotton shirts, and me - 2 pairs of pants
= 190 RM = $64.00!
Hmm...the dressing room 
security camera at work.
It's raining but who cares ;-)
Teck Poh Choo introduces us 
to the most popular chendul stall! Delicious!
This looks scary - green worms? 
Noooo...pandan flavoured noodles in FRESH coconut milk,
red beans, palm surgar and shaved ice.
It is refreshingly sweet, cold, yum!
We had hoped to have supper on the waterfront at Edah and Kerry's favourite Indian restaurant. but it had been replaced by a Starbucks! So, we ended up in a one-hour traffic jam trying to cross the causeway off Penang island to go home. It was pouring rain which cut short our day with Teck Poh Choo. We arrived back in our area and the rain had stopped. Edah and Kerry took us to a "parking lot food court" -- another new experience. What a great way to make use of an empty lot after 6 pm. There are various food stalls and the atmosphere is very conducive to hearty appetites ;-) Check out my food page for the food. When we got home, we found out the storm was much worse in Yan -- uprooted a huge planting of bamboo... Work follws...


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