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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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(April 12)
This is a small part of the bamboo clump 
that was brought down by the thunderstorm on April 10. 
Kerry and Bill split it into several smaller clumps
and these were planted in "empty spaces"
all around the yard. 
These make great screens 
from traffic noise and neighbors.
Although the stalks themselves are hollow and light, 
the small roots hold a lot of dense soil, 
making a large clump fairly heavy to carry and manoeuver.
It was hot, even early in the morning, 
so taking turns was a good idea.
Edah provided the "stabilizing influence" in this group ;-)
Ready for the backfill!
The roots are quite small and close to the surface.
What a team!!!
Yes, I got to help out too!
The guys went into the more densely planted area 
near the road and planted several larger clumps 
beside the banana trees, palms, and other deciduous giants.
The Bamboo Quartette!
It was great to experience 
a different kind of gardening from Manitoba, 
especially under the snow 
Brandon seems to be still experiencing since we left.
Looks like a pumpkin, 
but this fruit is from a huge tree.
It is collected, cut up, 
and sliced for use in cooking. 
It provides a tang much like tamarind.
A closer look at the jackfruit tree.
Enjoying a refreshing cooling drink after the planting.
While Bill was helping Kerry move a large potted plant, 
he was attacked by zillions of little red fire ants 
that lived in the pot. 
Most of the allergic reaction is on 
his hands and up both forearms.
Kakpah said he should go and see the doctor.
This is the klinik... 
Manned by a fellow who looked too young to be a doctor! 
He is Malaysian trained and eager to use his English :-)
The waiting room. 
On the left is a window where you inform the receptionist 
that you want to see the doctor. 
Another window out of the picture is 
where you get your medicine and pay. 
For Bill, with 2 kinds of antihistamins, a salve 
and the appointment was RM 30 = $10.00!
In the afternoon, 
Kerry took Bill to check out the well-digging project 
at Edah's brother's house. 
Here is project supervisor Kerry. 
Much of the hole was dug by hand 
until they hit big rocks and water filling in. 
The water table is high so it didn't take much for it to fill in.
A backhoe was called in 
to move the stones and dig deeper.
Yes, Bill was a project supervisor as well ;-)
The cribbing was put into place. 
The well is not used for daily consumption.
It is more for emergencies during the dry season, 
more for washing and watering vegetation.


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