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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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A clearing in the jungle along our walk
Bill putting down roots?!
Just read an article about these plants...
as an alternate to hostas...
can't remember the name right now 
but it was in May's Canadian Living mag.
One of the newer homes.
The colours are vibrant. This is a more modern style.
Heard some kids playing guitars on our walk. 
They were a bit shy as we stopped. 
Parents peeked out the windows to see the foreigners, 
but didn't come out.
Bill asked if he could try the guitar 
as we knew it was badly out of tune. 
This was a Yamaha.
The kids were all quite entralled with Bill's rock licks
- after the tune up.
Wish we had a set of new strings for them
as these were quite in need of replacement.
This appears to be more of a public building, a store house? 
There are several "project buildings" along our walk.
Another style with a lovely blue colour along our walk. 
But we think that Kerry and Edah' house is
the nicest looking house, 
modern yet with traditional characteristics.
Welcome to our humble abode ;-) 
We think this is abandoned, 
so should be able to pick it up at a fairly cheap price...
The corner 7-Eleven ;-)
Chook and chicks escaped from our cooking pot 
. . . for the time being!
I don't think anyone would ever miss the entrance 
no matter how dark the night or muddled the brain; -) 
Colour worked well with the grey.
Yes, it IS that green - chartreuse even...
A local cemetery.
Quite different fron what we are accustomed to. 
The Chinese ones have huge mounds behind the headstones.
An individual cemetery plot.
Wonder if the ones we buy at 
Canadian Tire or Home Depot 
would grow to this size? 
Look closer and you will 
see a stalk of blossoms.
The guest house?
It's interesting to see many of the houses on stilts. 
This may be for ventilation. 
The windows are all louvered 
but with bars inside for security reasons.
Gorgeous blossoms, 
a bit heavy from the rain earlier in the morning.
There are many small paved trails
that wind around the homes 
scattered throughout our walk. 
Kids and adults on motorbikes and bikes 
scoot along these with pretty good speed. 
Cars also zip along, so pedestrians 
must pay attention at all times. 
The walk is lovely 
- canopied and full of colourful plants, 
bushes, and people. 
Some kids were curious and followed us. 
They obviously know the trails 
as they keep showing up in front of us, 
behind us, from the side. LOL!
There is a major election on 5th of May. 
Different political parties have different colour flags. 
This one stands for justice and is in power in this area. 
It's interesting to see how some of the parties use their flags
to make different shapes: huge dinosaurs, spaceships, etc. 

The flags line roads, in front of houses, etc., 
often hanging from bamboo poles.
Unlike in North America, 
their campaign is limited by law to two weeks.

Our jungle/rainforest walk actually took us around a "block", 
ending back onto the main road.
This mosque is my landmark as it is every morning, 
I would hear the call to worship from these speakers. 
These calls come on at 6 am, and many times through out the day.
It's all done live, but with the same message on every call.
On the road to Kampung, Yan, Malaysia
An infrastructure sign along the road
with a water tank and the mountain in the background. 
This is an example of the creative display of political flags. 
These green flags belong to Pas party.
This is the local gym! 
The building is not much, 
but the equipment seems to be very modern. 
Note the low clouds over the mountain. 
Who should I vote for?


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