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Green eggs but no ham ;-)
Sauteed kale, curry leaves, brown mustard seeds,
and flat leaf parsley scrambled with 2 eggs.
Nectarines and peaches from the USA
just don't have the sweetness of Ontario or B.C product.


Spiced beef cigars to take to a friend's cabin tomorrow!


Greens Omelet:
Kale, cilantro, tomatoes, mini-bell pepper scrambled with 2 eggs...
cleanser breakfast!
The greenery came from my friend Edah's garden from our
visit to their cottage on Lake Winnipeg yesterday.
Love this kind of breakfast!
Used to have these whenever we came off the road from our summer tours.
After eating at restaurants, fairgrounds for two months, it was time for cleansing.
I used to grow a lot of green stuff in my garden at my farm garden,
so greens are always available.


First time adding kale to a stir-fry.
Taste almost like mild Chinese broccoli (gai lan).
Good and healthy!

You are not supposed to eat the endamame pods.
I usually boil them or steam them quickly, drain, sprinkle with salt,
then eat them by sticking the pod between my teeth
and then pull the pod out to squeeze out the beans...OR..
.to be lady-like, peel then eat the beans.
I love the salt... :-(


Shrimp Chow Mein with Baby Shanghai Bok Choy.
I don't use any sauce on the noddles, just salt, pepper,
MSG (optional) on an oiled super hot wok.
Then drizzle in sesame seed oil just before plating.
The vegetables, I add seasonings to the oil, then the veg.
After a couple of minutes, I might add chicken stock if I want a sauce.
Simmer, taste, then thicken with cornstarch slurry (starch + water).
No sauce on the shrimp, just marinate them with seasoning, a bit of oil, and cornstarch
worked in for that silky texture (good trick for all meats).


Pork Ribs done in the Big Easy - rub rub, cooked in foil,
then Guinness BBQ sauce brushed on and cooked another 30 minutes.
Pork ribs. Caramelization really good on one side.
Need to turn the slabs next time.
I got too lazy (hungry) to bother turning the hooks around!
But the ribs were really good - tender and juicy.


Nasi Lemak:
Jasmine rice, coconut milk, curry leaves, black peppercorns,
brown mustard seeds, tumeric, cinnamon stick = YUM!


Another attempt (#3) at naan
- getting better at slapping the dough onto the hot surface!


Big Easy "fried chicken"
Stuffed with fresh kaffir lime leaves and "fried" in the Big Easy
on a bed of kaffir lime tree branches.
EXCELLENT lime flavour and aroma!


Jazzed up some of the vegetable soup I made with some spicy Indian curry powder
just so I can have naan for lunch :-) Perfect!


Moo Gwa (Hairy Melon) grown by one of our Chinese aunties and uncles.
This baby is about 12 " long and 4" thick.
Should make a couple big pots of soup or other dishes!
Good to stir fry with fun see and ha mi!
 Fresh shrimp or char siu could also be added.


Used a smaller 6" moo gwa for this soup tonight, with some pork neck bones.
Light but delicious!

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