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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Seventy-Two
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Gallery Seventy-Two

Some of Russia's famous Cossacks in the Far East - 1904

Carrying loaded shells to great Japanese siege guns -- Port Arthur

A 500-lb. death-ladened shell from a Japanese gun, starting over the hills into Port Arthur.

Ready for defense or advance -- Japanese fighters at Port Arthur

Russian 500-lb. shell bursting near the Japanese siege guns -- Port Arthur

A Russian earth mine exploding near the base of Autrzuahan -- 600 lbs. of powder -- Port Arthur

Explosion of a Russian earth-mine seen from Ehrlungshan - W. over railway to Antzushan, Port Arthur

Digging to victory -- Japanese nearing Russian line -- Port Arthur

An advance of Russian Troops in the Far East -- marching along the Chinese Imperial Railway

Japanese war balloon reconnoitering the Russian position at Port Arthur (looking north).

Japanese sheltered under walls of dynamited North Fort.

Close to the enemy!  -- In Japanese "seige parallel" within 200 yards of Russian front, Port Arthur

A company of the Czar's Infantry in Manchuria

Horrors of War -- dead Chinese floating in the Pei-ho -- showing riddled buildings along Rench Bund, Tientsin.

Destroying Russian ships and town -- terrific rain of great Japanese shells - by Port Arthur

Hundreds of Japanese dragging a massive 11-lb fun six miles to its emplacement -- Port Arthur

The Brave Boys of Japan Who Freely Give Their Support to His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, in the War with Russia

Looking south over docks to fortified heights held by the Russians, Port Arthur

General Baron Nogi and officers of the famous Japanese Army which captured Port Arthur

Gen. Kuroki and Prince Kuni Viewing In Autung Compound, The Russian Guns Captured at Hamatan, Manchuria

General Nogi, the indomitable fighter, at headquarters before Port Arthur, Manchuria.

Enormous 11-inch shell from Japanese siege gun, beginning its deadly fight into Port Arthur

Japanese Army Crossing pontoon bridge over Hun River marching on Mukden, Manchuria


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