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Hillman Album No. 7a: Sue-On: The Newcastle Sessions

The Sock Hop Reunion
Bobby Curtola Sock Hop Reunion
Photo Album I
Brandon Keystone Convention Complex
April 27, 2002

8:00 PM
Bobby Curtola and the Original Dovermen Backstage
Warren ~ Sue-On ~ Bobby ~ Bill ~ JohnBobby ~ Warren ~ Bill ~ John
Original Dovermen Reunited:
Warren Hannay ~ Bill Hillman ~ John Bishop

8:30 PM
Ray St. Germain
Ray St. Germain ShowThe Sock Hop Revellers

9:30 PM
Bobby Curtola with Big Dyck Cadillac
Birdie ~ Ava Curtola: Back-up SingersBobby out among the crowdBig Dyck Cadillac band
Robin Hillman with the horn sectionCurtola arranger, Andrew and the horn section

11:00 PM
Bobby Curtola with the Martells

12:00 PM
Bobby Curtola with the Original Dovermen
Warren Hannay ~ Bill Hillman ~ John Bishop
Guests: Sue-On Hillman and Doug Matthews
Warren ~ Doug ~ Bill ~ John ~ Sue-On  .Bill ~ Warren ~ Sue-On ~ John

  .Doug Matthews: Keys and GuitarBill Hillman and Warren HannayJohn Bishop and Sue-On Hillman

Bobby ~ Bill ~ John ~ Ava  .Bill ~ Warren ~ John ~ Sue-On ~ Ava & Birdie

Bobby and Bill hamming it up  .Canada's Mr. Rock 'n' Roll

Bill ~ Warren ~ John ~ Sue-On  ~ Ava  .Bobby ~ Bill ~ Warren ~ John ~ Sue-On

Bobby ~ Doug ~ Bill ~ Warren ~ John ~ Sue-On ~ Ava ~ Birdie

1:00 PM
Bobby Curtola with Entire Cast for Grand Finale

Bill and Sue-On Hillman present
A Tribute to Canada's Rock & Roll Legend
Bobby Curtola Library of Rock 'n' Roll History

The Hillman / Curtola Connection
On Tour with the Dovermen
Bill  Hillman Remembers Dovermen
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Jammin' with Bobby At The Cantina

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