It’s been an epic year and the world has been moving like a “hamster wheel”! Before slowing down, we want to send out our best wishes for MERRY XMAS and a Happy 2018 to all our friends and family!

As in the past, let’s start with ELDEST son, Ja-On and family:
*** Ja-On, when he isn’t painting his daughters’ toenails blue or making banana bread with them, is writing his research in which he is well on his way to becoming an osteopath. He continues to work hard building his Reactive Massage Team. In the little spare time he has, he is rising in the ranks of his new venture with Modere.

*** Angela is well into her second year of the three year massage therapy course with Wellington College. As well as relaxation massage, she is also does Ayurvedic Head Massage. The monthly drive into Winnipeg for classes is taxing, but she has great motivation. Angela is doing her practicum at Reactive Massage Therapy.

*** Soulin continues with his work at Tip Top Tailors – perfect for a young man who actually likes to be well-dressed! To add to his resume, he’s also working at Source at the Shoppers Mall. In the fall, he’s planning on Police Studies. Meanwhile, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Kaytee.

*** Inara loves her horse riding lessons. Is there room in the backyard for a pony and barn?  Don’t know where the time has gone, but Inara is in Kindergarten! She loves school, but there’s still time for play at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. 

*** Tayla turned 3 on December 11! She attends preschool and shares SO much of what she learns every time she visits. There isn’t a shy bone in her lithe body, which makes her perfect for gymnastics. How can anyone not love her flying leaps from the stairs yelling “Gramma’s here!”

Son Robin and Family
*** Robin is still performing as drummer and percussionist with the Winnipeg Pops Orchestra. In the fall, he attended a weekend workshop with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. A highlight was the private lesson with the percussionist. On their combined finale performance, he was to use a Japanese Taiko drum. No one had such an instrument, so Robin made one, using an old tire and packing tape! The visual and sound amazed everyone! His work at Tactica Interactive has involved him in many interesting projects. His own project has been fixing his 1970 Honda cb100 motorcycle. It’s up and running – down the back lane. ;-)

*** Jen continues to enjoy her work as Educational Assistant at an elementary school. She certainly has the patience and energy to deal with these special needs children. Her handiwork are always great gifts, whether it be crocheting hats or sewing beautiful cushions for our antique Chinese carved chairs.

*** Oriyen -  HOW did she grow so tall?! Ori is in grade 7 French Immersion. We are happy she can still speak English, however, she is learning Morse Code! We are also happy to see Oriyen keeping up the family traditions and passions: sewing, cooking AND air cadets. For such a young lady, she has a caring and kind heart, especially for cats.

*** River - our little energizer bunny! Gymnastics and swimming are certainly up her alley, but she's not sure WHY she has to do what every one else is doing. LOL! She probably knows a quicker way of getting to what needs to be done. River loves nursery school, and is also learning another language – sign language!

Daughter China-Li
*** China-Li is a Doctor of Radiology, specializing in Thoracic Radiology. She works in the tertiary care centre of Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre as well as two other city hospitals. In addition, she has an academic position – teaching radiology residents and students. Lily and Tori, her “puppies” help keep her in top form when she isn’t at the gym. It’s amazing how the three of them can go for +15 km walks through Brandon Hills when they are home!

Onto the elders of the family: 
*** Bill never stops – still producing gazillion words on the computer, for his much-read weekly ERBzine.com magazine. Of course, there are many other irons in the fire, such as Canada 150 Birthday Projects, military websites, frequent addendum to our 50-year Musical Odyssey Book, and finally, the completion of the travelogue to China this past spring.

*** Sue-On has had the heaviest teaching load in her 15 years with the English program at Brandon University. There were 32 students and classes ran from 8:30 to 2:30. It was a challenge keeping a lecture interesting and spontaneous three times a day! It made her realize that there’s more to life than teaching and marking essays all day. So, as of December 8, I am a retiree!

Last spring, Bill and I went on another month-long trip to China. This time, we were joined by my brother Kenny and s-i-l Rebecca.  Even though we’ve all visited such familiar places as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, West Lake, we did scratch off a few more places on our bucket list. Two of the most amazing places were along the Yangzte River cruise and Huangshan (Yellow Mountain). We’ve seen so many famous paintings and prose about this mountain range, so it was incredible to BE there. . . . and to climb it.

The highlight of the whole tour was our first trip to my home in Toisan, Canton, where I was born. We were delighted to have had our daughter China-Li join us on this leg of the trip. As well, friends Ken Tsai (who is also from Toisan), his son Shaan, and daughter Sija joined us for this "pilgrimage." We found the original Choy, as well as the Tsai, homes. The house where I and my siblings were all born is still in our family, standing, solid, and well maintained by relatives. They were there to meet us and acted as tour guides in the village. How exciting it was to have my 92-year-old relative say she loved my mother and remembered me well as a baby.

The travel bug may well have had a hand in the decision to retire from teaching. After our return from China we made two road trips to conventions in the Dallas and Chicago areas. Come March, Bill and I will be on another trip to Asia. This time, we will be in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and S. Korea. In the summer, we will make a couple of trips to Edgar Rice Burroughs events in California and Louisiana.

Wishing you all joy and good health in 2018!
Bill and Sue-On

Many more of our tall tales are spread across our main Website:
As part of the CBC celebrations for CANADA 150
they requested that Sue-On send in her personal story as a young immigrant 
coming to Canada from China via Hong Kong.

The story we shared with the broadcaster for this project is featured at:
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