From the Russ Gurr Archive
Side 1
1. Hogs Are Beautiful
2. Old White Tommy
3. Red Skin Paleface
4. Big Open Highway
5. Proud to be a Farmer
6. Go Raiders Go
All Selections Are MAPL
Produced and arranged by David Shaw
Recorded at: Century 21 Studios Winnipeg
Copyright 1976 ~Russ Gurr
Side 2
1. Magpie
2. Winneeneepee
3. Mountain of Love
4. Waltzing at Midnight
5. Raging Waters
6. Clean Seed
All Songs composed by Russ Gurr
Publisher Felsted Music of Canada Ltd.
Engineered by John Smith and Rick Inglis
Cover Photo: Terence J. Fowler Photo, Brandon
[Album Liner Notes]
Reaching the upper echelons of recognized Canadian artists, came quickly for Russ Gurr. Multitalented, a writer, composer, and performing artist, all professional, he wasn't long gaining international attention.

Under contract to Federal Grain Corporation for the first seven years of his professional career, he suddenly found himself in the recording industry. Happy with their new found talent, Federal Grain decided to record him and gave the new album the title of his first national hit song, "Federal Grain Train." The album was a hot item and soon the phone was ringing, George Taylor calling, President of Rodeo Recordings, Peterboro, Ontario. Heard your new album at BMI, Toronto, Russ, we want your contract, our top label, "Rodeo International." Soon the British press was giving him five star rating. The German radio was giving him special attention and the name, Russ Gurr was established.

Another new album, "On Tour With Russ Gurr," and the phone was ringing again. This time long distance from Montreal, London Records calling. Just listened to a tape of your new album, Russ, we want your contract. We are flying west and will meet you in the Winnipeg Air Terminal for signatures. Just like that, a major label, "London."

His contract with Federal Grain now completed, again long distance was calling, would you catch an Air Canada flight to Toronto, Russ, we would like to talk to you. This time it was the big international drug and chemical, Eli Lilly, U.S.A.

At the time of this release, in his fourth year with Lilly, doing two tours per year, he has just completed his winter itinerary of twenty-eight stage appearances.

Star of television and stage, backed by his two sons, Wayne and Barry and the big farm operation, Lost Island Farms & Industries Ltd., Brandon, Manitoba, the phenomenon of Russ Gurr, the singing farmer, continues to make headlines.

By Canadian Artist Research
Hogs Are Beautiful ~ Russ Gurr ~ London Records ~ NAS-13532

By Russ Gurr

1. In the morning when you’re having eggs and bacon
    Maybe sausages and ham is what you dig
    You smack your lips and maybe tip the waiter
    But did you ever think to analyze a pig
    Did. you know that from his sides they strip the bacon
    Did you know that ham was taken from his rump
    Now he’s left with, just his head and back and shoulders
    He’s only half a pig with only half a grunt

Chorus: And hogs are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
And I think hogs are beautiful.

   2. If you saw a mother rocking in an armchair
    With a baby pig a sleeping in her arms
    Would. you laugh or say I think he’s just a darling
    He’s got a lot of snout but got a lot of charm
    If you heard the little fellow gently snoring
    He’d be d.reaming I will make it if I can
    Give me love and lots of milk and I will promise
    You’ll have lots of ham and bacon in your pan.

  3. Now back home we had a sow and she meant business
      Made up her mind I’m going to see it tbrough
      I’ll have the biggest litter in the country
      She farrowed and we counted twenty-two
      It was a shame she just had nipples for a dozen
      So when you’re short of bacon now and then
      You got to hand it to a sow for really trying
      Did her best and then she lost the other ten

4. Did you ever see a pig’s head on the counter?
    Did you notice how it greets you with a smile?
    Did you ever see a  better sense of humor
    When he’d be in head cheese in a little while
    Did. you know that from his sides they strip the bacon
    Did. you know that ham was taken from his rump
    Now he’s left with just his head and. back and shoulders
    He’s only half a pig with only half a grunt.


By Russ Gurr
He  was a favorite of my mother
The years had turned his black to white
Take her driving in the sunshine
Bring her safely home at night.
To her those wooden wheels made music
As the spokes cut through the air,
With that old white horse called Tommy,
A covered buggy and a prayer.

Not a cloud in the sky,
A meadowlark sang from a tree trunk,
And his song kept time
To old white Tommy’s footsteps on the trail.
It was dusty in the evening,
In the stillness of the night
The cool damp air brought teardrops
In the fireflies flashing light.

Twas like a faithful friend in trouble
When one day fate played its hand,
A gate post pierced his belly,
Dropped old Tommy to the sand,
Lying there in pain and trembling,
He looked up and saw her there
With her hand upon his forehead
In a touch of mother’s care.

Not a cloud in the sky,
That meadowlark sang from the tree trunk,
But his song had lost its rhythm
With no footsteps on the trail.
Yes he was just a horse, but something
That words won’t really say,
And the tears rolled down that Sunday
When old Tommy passed away.

And the tears rolled down that Sunday
When old Tommy passed away.


By Russ Gurr

The Red Skin And Pale Face making it together in
A big,big great big land shining blue in the universe
And I I I like the song that the Indian is singing
I like to see him claim a portion of the land
Like to see him proud of the Indian tradition
And never lose pride in the feathers of his band.

Got a lot of friends
In your pale faced brother
White man listen when
Your hurting inside
Rhythm of the tom tom
Beating by the river
And I can hear the message
Of an Indian tribe

The pale face watch while the red skin celebrate
A big big great big pow wow dancing in the moonlight
And I I I stand thinking if I’d been and Indian
I might have been a chief and wear the feathers of fame
Make it mighty plain to my pale face brother
Your going to hear singing from the Indian again
Going to see him seated in the great high places
Spirit of the red skin burning inside
Rhythm of the tom tom beating by the river
And I can hear the message of an Indian tribe



By Russ Gurr

On the big open highway of pavement I find
The white marks the shoulder the yellow mid-line
I sat on. a guard rail and pondered one day
Has the world gone mad crazy or should I be on my  way
Are the grasses so green there, are the roses so red
Are the winds soft and gentle is there love just ahead
Is there somebody waiting, could I make it in time
On that big open highway mid yellow white lines.

On the big open highway where great bridges span
The swift troubled waters that face every man
There must be a rainbow with gold lying there
On the big open highway just going somewhere
Are the grasses so green there, are the roses so red
Is a radar beam waiting round a bend just ahead
Will it keep me from reaching my true love in time,
On that big open highway mid yellow white lines

Are the grasses so green there, are the roses so red
Are the winds soft and gentle, is there love just ahead
Is there somebody waiting, could I make it in time
On that big open highway mid yellow white lines.


 By Russ Gurr

Big diesel engines moaning in the field
Smoking to feed a hungry land
Big combines labor gathering the grain
Feeding the nations if we can
Food on the table coming from the soil
Seems I must remind you once again
If you didn’t have the farmer
Buttering your bread
You’d go down in hunger
And in pain

That dirty old hanky
And straw hat are gone
It’s air-conditioned cab
And radio
And I’m proud to be a farmer
And hear me when I say
I’d rather be a farmer
Than anything today

I like those big fields and cattle on tile range
Breathing that freedom of the land
I like the feel of a thousand acre spread
Really that’s what I call living man
I like the feel of that soil on my fingers
Causing me to really understand
That it’s a big, big business
Feeding all the world
Keeping bread and bacon
In the pan


By Russ Gurr


Go Raiders Go, Go Raiders Go
The green, white and gold theme
Is Go Raiders Go.
We’ll take on the roughest,
And welcome the toughest,
But the song in Prince Albert
Is Go Raiders Go.

We’re from the north with our tree-line and timber.
We’re from the land where the maidens are fair.
We wear the top hat the Prince wore in symbol.
We’ll match our boys with the best anywhere.

We’re from the banks of the great running waters,
Proud of a past that we’ve nourished with care.
We’ve hung our hats in those high ranking places,
We’ve occupied the Prime Minister’s chair.

Green’s for our youth, shining bright like an emerald.
White’s for a playground of fresh ice and snow.
Gold is the value of team-work and spirit
Pride of the fans shouting Go Raiders Go.

(Repeat Chorus)


By Russ Gurr

You’re a thief and a robber, stealing from your brother
And you’ll even eat his young, and you’re a Magpie.
In your black and white formal everything is normal
When you’re eating flesh and blood, and you’re a Magpie.
Flitting in the sunshine, graceful and beautiful
Everybody stops to see you gliding on the wing.
But you’re a devil in a sheepskin, playing every card to win,
Stealing what you can, and you’re a Magpie.

There’s a bounty on your speckled eggs, bounty on your two legs.
Can’t be very nice to be a Magpie.
And it must be kinda squirmy, when they do you up in taxidermy,
Just to show their friends they got a Magpie.
Chatter and I’ll hear you, nest where I can see you.
Black and white feathers in an evergreen tree.
You’re a devil in a sheepskin, playing every card to win,
Stealing what you can and you’re a Magpie.

Now the warden who was riding, in the field he was hiding,
Caught you eating a steer, and you’re a Magpie.
You’ve got the Reeve and the council shouting out their tonsils
Costing them a mil, and you’re a Magpie.
If you’re wanting a solution, have a revolution.
Call in the army with its powder and guns.
But you’re a devil in a sheepskin, playing every card to win,
Stealing what you can, and you’re a Magpie.


By Russ Gurr

Winneeneeneepee, Mirky waters.
The Red Man he called it “Winneeneeneepee”.
Winneeneeneepee, Mirky waters.
Where the winding Assiniboine clashes
With the waters of the great Red River,
And the waters are roiled.
Winnipeg, Winneeneeneepee.

1. We were walking together where love is made to be.
Where two great streams of water join and run.
When she turned and said “I’d like it this way for you and me.
The one who made these waters made us one”.
“Make us one to ride together, like the pioneer who stood
By this very same Red River, heading west on wheels of wood”.
They had little but each other, and a pray’r that had to be.
“The one who made these rivers make us one”.

2. It was from these mirky waters, that Riel, the Metis led.
Thomas Scott died from the fire of Louis’ gun.
And she said “I like the way the Mounties tamed the great North-West.
I wish I’d been there when it all begun.
We’d have seen the buffalo grazing, slept out underneath the sky.
We’d have trembled from the lightning, heard the coyote’s haunting cry.
We’d thank God that we’re together, and our pray’r would always be.
The one who made these rivers make us one”.

(Repeat Intro: after second verse)


By Russ Gurr

Give me the mountains, give me your love
We’ll walk together in mountains of love
We’ll be so happy and we’ll be free
Walking together, just you and me.

And the rain will damp our pathway.
The lightning strike and burn a tree
But we will never be in danger
Walking together just you and me

We’ll climb that mountain where big horn stand
Where hearts beat faster, I’ll hold your hand
Where mountain breezes will blow your hair
 Rivers of love will be flowing there

And the flowers will be blooming
I’ll pick a rose so you can see.
I’d like to place it on your forehead
Walking together, just you and me.

Give me the mountains Give me your love
We’ll walk together Mountains of love
We’ll be so happy And we’ll be free
Walking together Just you and me


By Russ Gurr

We were waltzing at midnight, the band playing softly,
When you whispered the one thing I want most of all,
That you and I be together like birds in the springtime,
Build a nest hand in hand you and I.
Where the leaves flutter gently as they shade the burning sun.
Where the dark clouds flash lightning ‘cross our sky.
But like waltzing at midnight, your head on my shoulder
We’ll build a nest hand in hand you and I.

We’ll drive each nail with a rhythm like waltzing at midnight.
Every board right in place, like a violin string.
And the glass in the windows will shine as a symbol
Of a song in each room we will sing.
We’ll plant flowers in the driveway, have a rose beside the door.
Where we will sit and watch the clouds go drifting by.
And like waltzing at midnight, your head on my shoulder
We’ll build a nest hand in hand you and I.


By Russ Gurr

1. It’s midnight at Niagara and I’m many miles from home.
I look across that river where the raging waters foam.
Above He hangs a cloak of stars, displays the northern lights.
The rainbow in the misty spray breathes peace upon the night.
The moon in all its glory looks down upon the scene,
As the whirling waters answer to many a lover’s dream.
They join their hands and wander, their hearts are all aglow
They pray their love continue, like the endless waters flow.

Raging Waters, tumbling, foaming Raging Waters.

2. Oh, listen to the thunder and hear the waters call,
As the mighty old Niagara comes leaping o’er the falls.
No guns along her border, no soldiers there to file,
Just a little line upon the map to mark five thousand miles.
The one fall flows for Canada, the other U.S.A.
They join to flow in harmony, as these nations live today.
Over rocks and rugged pathway, together we must go,
Like down the falls and rapids, the Raging Waters flow.

3. It causes me to ponder, when I see that misty spray.
Will it go on forever, a raging night and day?
Will it always be a symbol of peace between our lands,
Or will the waters wither to dry unsettled sands.
“The Maid Of The Mist” she wanders, she plows the boun’dry line,
A honeymoon adventure, the heartstrings to entwine.
In love there is now bound’ry, no U.S. Canada.
It’s hands across the border for North America.


By Russ Gurr

Off to the field singing here comes a farmer
Thousands invested in things that he needs,
But he’s none the wiser with his fertilizer
And pay no attention to quality seed.

And it’s clean seed, clean seed,
Registered foundation clean seed.

Plant seed that is smutty, you’ll never be lucky.
Plant seed that’s polluted with weeds and disease,
And you’ll never have money to drift with your honey,
Take her for a cruise on your yacht in the breeze.

There are weed that will blind us and plug up your sinus,
There are weeds that will cause your blood pressure to rise.
Suzie’s milk will be tainted, and grandfather fainted
Poured cream on his favorite blackberry pie.

There are soil born diseases, rust spores in the breezes,
Bad kernels will cause you disaster and pain.
But your troubles are over, Canadian Seed Growers
Are here with their registered seed once again.


On the Road with Russ Gurr and The Western Union

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