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Main Building of the former Brandon Mental Health Centre
Brandon ~ Manitoba ~ Canada
December 12, 2012 marked the 100th Anniversary of this massive structure.

Brandon Hospital for Mental Diseases
Built in 1912, this four-storey building is the largest of the major buildings on the former BMHC grounds,
with approximately 200,000 square feet of floor space and another 100,000 square feet of storage space.

The Parkland Building rose from the ashes of the original complex that was levelled by fire in 1910.
Hospital for Insane
Hospital for the Insane

Brandon Asylum, circa 1908

Brandon Asylum on fire, 4 November 1910

Brandon Asylum patients walking from the destroyed facility
to temporary quarters at the Brandon Winter Fair Building, 5 Nov 1910

Ruins of Brandon Asylum after fire, November 1910
Read the full story HERE
The Asylum Fire of 1910

The Parkland Building During Construction

Hospital for Mental Diseases
Hospital for Mental Diseases

Assiniboine River and Brandon Mental Hospital on 1st Street
Assiniboine River and Brandon Mental Hospital on 1st Street

Nurses at Parkland
A group of nurses on the steps of Parkland
on their way to lunch in the Nurses Residence.

Valleyview Building - Aerial Photo1939 aerial view of BMHC
A 1939 aerial view of BMHC.
At that time the complex covered three sections of land with its own
cattle, horses, pigs, gardens and orchard.


Main Entrance of the Parkland Building Today

Panoramic of the Valleyview and Parkland Buildings (east side) 
Mental Hospital Grounds
A more recent aerial view of the grounds

Evening Sun 

BMHC Through the Fog 


"This cairn is placed here to commemorate 
the Centennial of Brandon Mental Health Centre and is 
dedicated to (the people affected by mental illness 
and those who have chosen to dedicate their working lives to that important aspect of health).
For 100  years the centre has served Brandon and surrounding area.
In 1891, it was known as The Asylum For The Insane. 
This name was changed in 1919 when it became 
The Brandon Mental Hospital for Mental Diseases. 
The Centre was given its present name in 1972."

Please Note: The Museum is temporarily closed. Actual tours are no longer offered at this time.
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