During our 50 years of marriage, travel has always been a passion. We've had countless tours of far-off places . . . either as musicians or just wide-eyed and curious "adventurers." Sue-On started on these adventures very early in life. She was born in Southern China, smuggled as a child to Hong Kong, and eventually she and her mom were re-united with her father in Canada. It was after we married, however, that this global wanderlust really kicked in. Through the year, because of our high school and university teaching careers, our performance trips were held mainly within commuting distance. . . But . . . Come summer holidays . . .  we were gone: either music tours or long road trips across Canada, the US, Mexico and England. Our involvement with Edgar Rice Burroughs fandom eventually took us to Hollywood, Broadway, the Netherlands and Germany. 

In recent years we were drawn back to Sue-On's country of birth. We spent almost a month in China -- an amazing adventure. Previous to this, thanks to the wonderful hospitality of our music buddy, Kerry Morris and his wife Edah, we spent a month in their winter home in Malaysia -- a wonderful launch pad from which they shared all the wonders of this beautiful country. This even gave us a chance to visit with our friends Karen and Lai who gave us royal tours around Singapore.

Following this we visited S.E. Asia/Indochina. We lived out of our backpacks for a month exploring Thailand, Lao, Vietnam and Cambodia. This gave us a gave us a chance to see so much of the area close-up via walks, wheels, wings and waves. We took over 4,000 photos and jotted down anecdotes -- most of which we shared in our Indochina section.

Now for our most recent "Odyssey": North and South India. We lived out of our backpacks for a month exploring the Sub-Continent. As indicated in the map below, our route gave us a chance to see so much of the area close-up via walks, wheels, wings and waves. We took over 5,000 photos and jotted down anecdotes -- most of which we share on the following Webpages.

Most of the travel companions in our tour group were 40 to 50 years younger than ourselves. The group consisted of students, educators, lawyers (in training and retired), government security agent, night club worker, bank worker, university professor taking time off to write a book, retired policeman, counselor, flight attendant, truck driver, and world travellers. 

Countries represented were England, Australia, USA, Hungary, Norway, and three of us from Canada.

Much of our tour involved long hikes: strolling through teeming city streets, exploring  markets, temples and palaces, making connections at train stations and airports, and hiking through forests, jungles and farm fields. Since India was experiencing drought and record high temperatures -- often in the mid-40s -- our evening stays in a great variety of cooler hotels, palaces, and homestays offered welcome respite from the hot sun and blistering temperatures of the day. 

Looking back on the various hotels we stayed at, we compiled a list of conveniences that make such a stay a memorable one. We've yet to stay in a room 1-5 Star that offers all those on our wish list: a large Queen or King size bed with good clean mattress (not two singles ganged together), large hard and soft pillows, clean ironed sheets, a duvet enclosed in a washable sheet "pocket" (not a worn, re-used, smelly blanket that hasn't been washed for months), strong reliable WiFi signal in the room for two computers, complimentary WiFi, television with many cable or satellite channels with at least one world news service channel in English, a good fridge, complimentary water bottles, many power outlets around the room with adapter plugs, quiet A/C and heater that work, ceiling fan, clock, window with a view that opens and provides morning light, balcony, valuables safe, shower with good pressure and HOT water any time of day, extra toilet paper, shampoos/soaps, sets of large and small towels, a toilet that works, hair dryer, ironing board, maid service to make up and replenish the room after the first night, coffee maker with coffee packs, secure door locks, wardrobe with clothes hangers, clean hardwood/tile floors (not a dirty carpet), insulated soundproof walls, overhead and reading lights, phone, local phone book, complimentary breakfast, in-the-room menus, booklet listing hotel services and nearby sites of interest, free parking, noon checkout time, a manned night reception desk.

We learned from previous adventures that one can never take enough photos. Reviewing these images help us recall the experiences in more detail and recharge our memories. We covered so much ground, often at a rapid pace, that at the end of a month some of the events became a blur.

Itinerary and Pre-Departure Research

The Itinerary for our India Adventure complete 
with Wiki notes and photos on the places along the route -
researched a few weeks before we began the adventure

Ancient India In Three Dimension :: 1860-1910

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